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Jon Wanberg and his team at Expert Advisors Group went above and beyond our expectations to ensure my family was well taken care of.  We were new to the area and had a lot of realtors, both large firms and small independents, run analysis on our newly acquired property to help weigh out our options  for resale. In doing so we discovered that our home equity was not quite established yet to sell without taking a large net loss. We attempted to turn our home into an income property but hit a snag with a ruthless homeowners association bylaw that prevented us from doing so. Most real-estate agencies would have given up on us, but luckily their diverse team of true EXPERTS were able to work as a team to find a resolution that ultimately saved my family from filing foreclosure. Jon was relentless in his efforts to find us a solution that saved my family a great deal of financial hardship.  His knowledge and professionalism of the field helped convert my property over to a land trust thus leading to the owner financed property sale with our existing loan.  Everything was explained in great detail elaborating exactly what was transpiring.  I would highly recommend Jon and his team to anyone looking to sell or buy a home with authority.
Sold a Single Family Home in 2018 in Tavares, FL