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Ask the Experts:  Trade Specific Inspections - Wind Mitigation - Jon Wanberg

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Today, we’re going to be talking about the wind mitigation inspection and why that would be important to you as a buyer.  

We’ve been going through this series on the different kinds of inspections that you might want to have done before you purchase a home.  

We talked already about a WDO, or wood destroying organism inspection, which you can have done at the same time as your regular home inspection. 

Also, the wind mitigation inspection can be done at the same time as the regular home inspection in most cases.  

Most of the home inspectors are certified to do the regular home inspection, the wind mitigation inspection, and the WDO inspection.  And, if they are, they typically will give you a break on the price if you order them together.

So, if you order a home inspection, wind mitigation, and termite inspection, usually the wind mitigation and the termite inspection will be about half price, rather than ordering them separately when they have to make a special trip out to the property to do just that one inspection.

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

During a wind mitigation inspection, they will look at the house to make sure that the roof is strapped down correctly and that the angles of the roof and the gables are good.

Some of them are hip roofs on all sides and they will be rated differently for the wind load.  When we have a hurricane to come through and it’s putting a lot of pressure on the property there are certain things that qualify a property to withstand a certain wind load.

If your house passes the wind mitigation inspection, then it’s going to save you a whole bunch of money on your homeowner’s insurance.  It could save you between two and five thousand dollars a year!

So, it’s very important to go ahead and get that done right when you’re getting the home inspection done and that way it will save you year after year after year on your homeowner’s insurance.

If you have any questions about a wind mitigation inspection or who we would recommend for you to hire to do the wind mitigation inspection, please go ahead and fill out the contact form or reach out to us through

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