Ask the Experts: Trade Specific Home Inspections Termite (WDO)

Ask the Experts: Home Inspections Trade Specific Inspections Termite (WDO) - Jon Wanberg

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Trade Specific Home Inspections Termite

Today, we’re going to be talking about the WDO inspection, or termite inspection. 

WDO stands for the Wood-Destroying Organism inspection and it can mean termites, but there are other things that also affect the wood in the houses here in Central Florida.

But, the thing that we are specifically talking about are termites, wood-destroying fungus, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees that burrow into the wood of the house.

Sometimes it’s part of your home inspection report but not always.  Sometimes you can get a home inspection report and you don’t elect to get a WDO inspection.

The thing with the WDO is that with most government loans you need a clear WDO in order to get the government loan closed.  That would be FHA, VA, USDA, and so forth.

So, I highly recommend that you get a WDO inspection when purchasing a home.

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One thing that you see a lot is on the base of the exterior door.  So, with the door that’s on the side of a garage or the front door of a home, many times you’ll see wood rot on the bottom of that door jamb.  

Even that little bit of wood-rotting can keep the loan from being able to close.   It’s not necessarily an expensive fix, maybe a couple of hundred dollars. Somebody can Sawzall that out and refill the wood and repaint it so that you can close on the loan.

But, it is important and you don’t want it to be an issue close to the closing date.  So, again, WDO is the correct terminology for that inspection and when you’re asking for your home inspection, you want to ask the home inspector to please do a WDO also while out at the house.

That way you have the clear WDO, you’ll be able to get the loan to close on time, and you won’t have any issues with your closing.

If you have any questions about a company that would be able to handle that for you or one that we have worked with in the past, we will be happy to refer somebody to you.  Fill out the contact form or go to

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