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Today, we’re going to be talking about some trade-specific home inspections that you may want to have done when you are purchasing your home.

When you get the home inspector to come out and do his home inspection, many times he’ll cite something that’s wrong but may not go in-depth about what the problems might be with that specific type of problem.

A good example of that is with the air conditioning system, also called the AC, or the HVAC.

When you have issues with the air conditioning (or the HVAC), many times a home inspector says ‘it’s not cooling’ or ‘the differential between you the temperature in the room and what’s coming out of the vents is not high enough‘.

You may jump to the conclusion that it’s going to cost you $5,000 to replace an air conditioner and sometimes it might be a simple small part like a capacitor.

But, the number one thing that we see come up with air conditioning systems that causes them not to cool is the condensate line not being cleared out.  That actually doesn’t cost anything if you do it yourself and it may cost you $50 to have an air conditioning tech come out to blow out the line or suck it out with a wet-dry vac.

How to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning Unit (Consumer Reports)

So, if it comes up in your home inspection that there’s an issue with the air conditioning system you may want to order what we call a “trade-specific” inspection.

This means you’re going to call an air conditioning tech to come out and look over the whole system figure out what’s going on and or even service the system or clean the system.  

That will take additional time.  If you are in your 10-day inspection and you’re running out of time and you need to get this other inspection done, one of the ways to handle that is by using an addendum to extend the buyer’s inspection. 

So, you can say that you need five more days in the buyer’s inspection and it can be extended by five days in order to get this trade-specific technician to come in and take a look at the air conditioning system.

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