3 Things Agents are Better at than Zillow Lake County FL

Real estate is a journey – not an instant, online transaction.

As you are researching homes in Lake County FL, no doubt you have been endlessly scrubbing real estate sites like Zillow, Realtor.com and others as the quest for the perfect real estate transaction.

These are truly amazing websites that have revolutionized the home buying experience online and have made it easier than ever for potential homebuyers (and sellers) to instantly view the landscape of what is currently available in the housing market in their area.

In fact, Zillow and similar sites have increasingly become trusted partners for traditional real estate agents and real estate teams as the amount of exposure and marketing options for listings has become invaluable for all parties involved.

Yet, there are several key advantages to working one on one with a real estate agent or team when navigating the ups and downs of the real estate process.  These are game-changing factors that can lead to smoother transactions, higher profits and much more customer satisfaction than going it alone.

Here are 3 Things Agents are Better At Than Zillow in Lake County FL:

1. Home Valuation

It is widely discussed in the real estate industry that the automated home valuations instantly generated by sites like Zillow can be somewhat ambiguous and oftentimes inaccurate, especially for home sellers.

A recent article in Forbes magazine states, “If you want to have the best possible estimate of your home’s value before you put it up for sale, hire a good appraiser or a real estate agent you trust. It could save you time, money and the heartbreak of slowly realizing that you trusted the wrong estimate and your home sale is going nowhere until you make a change.” How Accurate Are Zillow Estimates? Author: John Wake – Forbes Magazine

The author further elaborates that it is extremely difficult for homeowners to lower the price of a home that has been valued too high when initially listed.  While the instant online valuations are a good starting point, there should be thoughtful discussions with a local authority on the housing market in your area before listing prices are established.  Experienced agents can provide better, localized home valuations than Zillow in Lake County FL.

Zillow Lake County FL

2. Local Expertise

While Zillow and other sites provide valuable, instant information on available homes in a local market, there is nothing that compares to the knowledge and experience of a local authority in the area.

And, where better to find local real estate expertise than with local real estate experts like real estate agents and teams?

A walk-through of a potential property for sale with a trusted expert can prove invaluable as they are able to offer solid, proven advice on a wide range of topics related to the future sale of the home.

Is the property in need of repairs?  Trust the expert to guide you down a path of best practices for getting the most return on the precious dollars spent for improvements.

Experienced agents have walked this path hundreds of times before and they have done it right in their own backyard.  No better peace of mind.  No better chance for success.

It is always better to trust the local real estate experts.  Agents provide better, local expertise than Zillow in Lake County FL.

Zillow Lake County FL

3. Consumer Protection

Lastly, there is a part of the home buying or selling process that sometimes gets overlooked when choosing a path forward.

While the mega-sites like Zillow and others can offer powerful resources for viewing and evaluating homes for sale, one thing they are most likely not as concerned with is walking you through the entire process with your best interests in mind from start to finish.

Consumer advocacy and customer service should be at the forefront of every step and decision that is encountered and executed on behalf of the customer.

There is no substitute for the assurance that comes when working with local real estate experts who have proven themselves to be trustworthy over time.

Just read the reviews from the customer base and you will begin to understand the heart and soul of an organization.  Interwoven in the stories and testimonials, there should be case after case of instances where the customer’s home buying or selling journey was protected, sometimes even at the expense of their agent.

Online sites just can’t offer that kind of assurance and peace of mind.  Nothing beats top-notch, high-level customer service with a servant’s heart attitude from a local expert. Agents provide better, localized consumer protection than Zillow in Lake County FL.

Zillow Lake County FL

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